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GSM Phones Vulnerable To Hijacking, GSMA Unconcerned


According to a Berlin-based research agency, flaws in the widely used GSM wireless technology could allow hackers to gain remote control of phones and instruct them to send text messages or make calls. The Reuters source of this information is Karsten Nohl, head of Berlin-based Security Research Labs.

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GadgetTrak Mobile Security tracks Android smartphones when lost or stolen


What's stopping someone from keeping your lost or stolen Android phone and calling it their own? Not much, until now. ActiveTrak announced they will release a new version of their GadgetTrak Mobile Security software for the Android OS at CTIA Wireless 2010 next week. The software allows users to track their devices and data if it were ever to get into the wrong hands. If you have classified information, sensitive business materials, or just some photos of who knows what that you don't want spread around Facebook, the remote data wipe feature should appeal to you.

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