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Battroborgs Bring Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots into 21st Century


What you see here are the Battroborgs and they're basically radio-controlled robots built for the single purpose of engaging in a boxing bout for your amusement.

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iPhone-Powered SmartPet Robot Dog Wins Tokyo Toy Show


More in line with my digital lifestyle would be something like the SmartPet. Winning the innovative toy category award at the Tokyo Toy Show, SmartPet essentially transforms your iPhone into a virtual pet dog.

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Joggobot, Your Flying Robot Running Friend (Video)


Do you want to have a jogging buddy but none of your human friends want to go for a run with you? Enter Joggobot, an AR Drone that's been modified to be your jogging companion.

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Pre-orders begin for intelligent Sifteo cubes, shipping next month


You might remember the prototypes that were shown off during TED 2009, but the crux of it is that they are "intelligent" cubes with displays that can interact with one another. Think of them in much the same way as traditional building blocks, except they're all interconnected mini-computers. Sifteo calls it the world's first Intelligent Play Platform.

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