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Anonymous tipster says “Toyota’s crashes caused by Cosmos”


For the past few years, the mighty Toyota brand had taken a major bloodbath. The company which at one point could proclaim with a straight face they had "The Best Built Cars In The World", is now under worldwide scrutiny for its quality control and overall product safety."Drive a Toyota. You'll Never Stop."According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there have been a total of 52 confirmed deaths to date that can be linked to what is being dubbed: "unexpected acceleration" in their vehicles.

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A glance at the 2010 Toyota Auris Hybrid


Toyota has been taking a beating in the media lately, but that still doesn't change the huge success they've seen from their Prius Hybrid. On that same premise, Toyota has decided to expand the hybrid lineup by adding a compact hybrid hatchback, the hybrid version of the Auris 2010 to be unveiled at the Geneva motor show.In order to keep the competition going, the new model will be priced much lower than the Prius and other models like Honda’s more affordable hybrid.

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Toyota Owners: To drive or not to drive?


I'm driving, because I ride a 1999 PreRunner, but that wouldn't be the same if I was eco-packing a Prius or other acceleratingly defected model. Mainstream media is in a panic, Toyota is playing it cool, who do we side with?

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Lexus LFA Production Specs and Images Released

Ever since Toyota decided to stop making the Supra, we’ve been waiting patiently (and not so patiently) for some kind of spiritual successor. We want a hot supercar with plenty of power and now we may finally be ready to hit the track once more. The Lexus LFA (also known as the Toyota LF-A during development) has now hit full ...

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Toyota Targets Drunk Driving with In-Car Breathalyzers

If you know anyone who has been nailed with a DUI, then you may know that sometimes the court will mandate the installation of a breathalyzer test in their vehicles. The driver then has to blow a clean meter before they are able to start the car. Well, this concept could become standard for some Toyota vehicles. Toyota is always ...

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