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Bicycle Face: The Biggest Health Hazard For 19th Century Women Cyclists

Lady Cyclist

The fictitious disease known as Bicycle Face.

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Chris Froome Wrooms Through Eurotunnel: First And Probably The Last To Cycle Under the English Channel (Video)


Chris Froome cycling under the English Channel.

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DL122: Peugeot’s Concept Bicycle With Laptop Compartment


The concept bicycle has a centrally positioned leather laptop compartment; a safer cocoon for the laptop. It also provides a better balanced bike and the briefcase can be locked in place, claims Peugeot.  The design breakthrough here is that the positioning of the carrying case is such that it keeps the centre of gravity of the bike roughly in the same spot where it is when rode without a bag, therefore making it stable.

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ProForm Tour de France indoor training bike mirrors real route


The new ProForm Tour de France indoor cycle is the official training bike of the Tour de France. Kicking it up a notch, they're actually using something called iFit Live Technology, which is powered by Google Maps. It mirrors the real course of the Tour de France, adjusting the motorized incline/decline and Real Road Resistance on the fly.

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