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Stylus-friendly capacitive touchscreen developed by Hitachi


Do you quiver at and dread the idea of removing your gloves to answer a call or send an important message from your Smartphone while it’s snowing around you? Are you tired of not getting the accuracy of a stylus on the display? Clearly, everybody who uses a Smartphone would prefer a capacitive touchscreen over the resistive alternative, as capacitive touchscreens offer much better precision and feedback and the uptake from the capacitive touchsceen divulges its superiority over the other.

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Most mobile screens just don’t have the touch


Our friends at Moto Labs have gone to great lengths once again to show scientifically what we already knew. Most mobile touchscreens are way behind the iPhone in their accuracy and sensitivity. Originally, using a simple test technique, their fingers, the team would slowly trace straight lines across the screens of each device using a basic drawing application. They said: "Results with straight lines indicate a high degree of sensor accuracy; less-precise sensors show the lines with wavy patterns, stair-steps, or both." Unfortunately, tech-nerds all over the internet were critical of this approach and demanded a more controlled data set. In other words don't use their stubby, Cheeto-dust covered fingers.

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