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How to Make Any Glove Touchscreen Friendly

If you happen to own a smartphone with a resistive touchscreen, like a good number of Windows Mobile phones from overseas, then you can probably use your gloved fingers without issue. However, if you happen to own something like the Apple iPhone with a capacitive touchscreen, you’ll notice that your ...

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BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Arrives at Telus Mobility


Did you like the first BlackBerry Storm from Telus? Maybe you’d be more interested in its successor, the appropriately named BlackBerry Storm2 9550. Telus Mobility has officially launched his upgraded smartphone and it comes with just about everything that you’re expecting. I remember when the Storm2 was little more than ...

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BlackBerry Touchscreen Slider Coming Next Year

Let’s have a look at the BlackBerry lineup. We have a huge range of “conventional” bar-style smartphones with QWERTY keyboards (Curve/Bold), more compact alternatives (Pearl), the touchscreen thing (Storm), and even a flip phone (Pearl Flip). What’s missing? Ah yes, the slider. Or how about a touchscreen slider? Shaw Wu ...

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Telus Prepares to Launch New LG Chocolate BL40

Amidst all this talk of switching over the HSDPA side of things, we can forget about the core business of Telus and Bell. There is certainly some interest in the smartphone end of the equation, but there is interest in regular old fashion phones as well. That’s where the new ...

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REVIEW – Scribblenauts for Nintendo DS

REVIEW - Scribblenauts for Nintendo DS

Aside from some special apps and mini-games that are being offered as DSiWare, the Nintendo DSi has yet to receive any full retail launches with games of its own. I guess Nintendo still wants to capture those of us who own a regular Nintendo DS (Lite) and with games like ...

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Original HTC Touch Lives Again as T-Mobile Tap?

Around the same time that the first Apple iPhone hit the scene, we were also treated to the HTC Touch. Powered by Windows Mobile, it looked like a viable alternative to the handset coming out of Cupertino, but it ultimately ended up playing second or even third fiddle. Well, it ...

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Nokia 5230: Cheap Colorful Touchscreen Phone

Just because you want to get into the world of touchscreens and want a phone with a little bit of personality does not mean that you have to break the bank. Nokia is hitting up the more budget-oriented end of the pricing scale with the announcement of the Nokia 5230. ...

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