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Nokia X6 16GB in North America by “end of February 2010″


Nokia has yet another hot new cell phone for you to consider and it's got a big touchscreen to go with its loads of internal storage.The Nokia X6 is now reportedly available at Nokia's flagship stores as well as for pre-order online Nokia's website. So, if you happen to find yourself in Chicago or New York, feel free to open up your wallet, otherwise sit back and wait for your shipment that ships by the "end of February 2010."

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Predictive text gets touchy with Nuance T9 Write


By now, you've probably become familiar with T9 predictive text technology. If you've ever owned just about any cell phone and you've sent a text message, there's a good chance that you've used it. From Nokia to Motorola, nearly all phones with numeric keypads use this great system. So, how does it translate to the modern arena?

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Fujitsu F-04B Keitai cell phone is super sexy, one phone two-magnetic modules


The cell phone industry in Japan is easily among the most innovative in the world, shoehorning crazy features like 12-megapixel cameras and dual digital TV tuners into their handsets. Going to another level is the newly revealed Fujitsu F-04B, the world’s first phone with a separable two-module body. While it seems like it could have similar functionality as something like ...

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Live Look at Asus DR-950 Touchscreen E-Book Reader


Sure, you could join the fold with an Amazon Kindle. Maybe you want the secondary display of the Barnes & Noble Nook. Or you can take the Taiwanese approach with the newly revealed Asus DR-950 e-book reader. Unlike many other units, this one has a touchscreen! To be fair, the Asus DR-950 is not the first e-book reader to feature ...

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iRiver Smart HD, small, sharp, with plenty going for it


iRiver has introduced the K1 at CES 2010. The K1 is just the company’s internal product codename, it will be sold as the iRiver Smart HD. The gadget features a 3.5-inch screen, 480 × 320 pixel resolution with 16 million colors and sharper image quality

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Checking Out the Dual Screen Notebooks from MSI


We’re still waiting to see what Cupertino is going to do to enter this market, but it seems that Taiwan is more than ready to jump into the fray first. Over at CES, MSI had a notebook that featured dual touchscreen displays, ditching the hardware keyboard altogether. In this way, you could say that this is a tablet, an e-book ...

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CES EXCLUSIVE: Samsung ebook reader for Google Books


The trend may have started with “just” the Amazon Kindle, but the push toward ebook readers has certainly been thrust into the forefront in recent months. Not to be outdone, Samsung has decided to enter this realm too, but the newly announced Samsung E6 and E101 readers come with quite the powerful backing. Whereas the Kindle has Amazon and the ...

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Large Touch screen, 2GB storage highlight Kodak Slice


How do you share your photos, online or in person? Some of us don’t know what to do with them; they simply turn the camera around and try to view the pictures on that tiny dark LCD. Slice has designed a camera for those people in mind to improve the sharing experience with several features.

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Camangi WebStation as a Couch Computing Concept


A notebook computer is substantially more portable than a desktop computer, but sometimes it just isn’t compact enough. When you want to surf the web from the couch, you may not be inclined to use a smartphone or a laptop and that’s where the Camangi WebStation can come into play. Michael Smith has been waiting for this thing to arrive ...

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QWERTY and Touchscreens Coming to Nokia S40 Devices


Everyone seems to clamor over a new BlackBerry, Android phone, or perhaps an upcoming iPhone, but Nokia remains the largest cell phone maker in the world. They may not be particularly flashy about it, but they seem to get the job done. Moving forward, they want to offer a little more to the S40 market in the coming year. As ...

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Tiki’Notes Typing Faster Than Swype System (Video)


Some people, like me, prefer having a hardware-based QWERTY keyboard, because it feels easier typing out text messages and emails. Other people like the touchscreen interface, but they wish there was something faster than QWERTY or T9. It seemed like Swype may have been the way of the future, but it now has a substantial competitor. In case you missed ...

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Blast into the Past with Voltron iPhone Game

I’m not sure if it is quite on the same level as the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, but the Apple iPhone has certainly become an incredibly popular and powerful portable gaming platform. You get your simple games, to be sure, but you get some pretty complex titles too. For a dash of nostalgia, you may want to look ...

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CrunchPad Reborn, Goes On Sale Friday as JooJoo

And so the saga continues. Late last month, we read a post from TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington telling us that the CrunchPad is dead. He says that he has effectively been screwed by Fusion Garage and that his team will no longer be participating in the product’s development and release. Well, it didn’t take long for Fusion Garage to jump into ...

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RIP: The CrunchPad Tablet is Dead

Many of us have been following this Michael Arrington saga since its very infancy. This was when netbooks were first bursting onto the scene and it was before we had any real knowledge of a possible Apple Mac Tablet. The CrunchPad had so much promise, but it is now dead. Michael Arrington published an official post earlier today saying that ...

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Video: Another Tactile Keyboard Idea for the iPhone

One of the most common complaints that people have about the Apple iPhone is that it lacks a physical keyboard. They don’t want to sacrifice that great touchscreen display, but they want something that they can feel when they’re typing things out. One of the newest solutions is called 4iThumbs. A couple of months ago, we caught a glimpse at ...

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