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Last Chance! Tokyo Flash Watch Contest Ends Tomorrow


Interested in getting your hands on a sexy, sleek Tokyo Flash watch? You could go out and buy one of course, or you could possibly win one through Mobile Magazine! Since July 19th we've offered our readers a chance to win the Tokyo Flash watch model of their choice and have received quite a bit of interest- but now is your absolute last chance to get in on the action. The contest ends tomorrow, last day of the month.

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$10 off Tokyo Flash Watches

We just wanted to remind our readers that our Tokyo Flash contest is coming to an end very soon, so enter here before it’s too late! We also have a $10 off coupon for our readers who just want to buy one directly. Type in the code MM10 at checkout ...

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Contest: Win Any Tokyo Flash Watch You Like!


You know those fancy Tokyo Flash watches that are so advanced and futuristic you'll be the only one capable of telling the time on it after you study the manual? Well, they do look awesome, and their actually not that hard to use. So we've teamed up with Tokyo Flash to offer our readers this great contest.

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Konect Watch Makes Telling Time More Fun


What ever happend to watches that tell the time in a simple and easy to read manner? Why must designers be hell bent on creating a watch that actually takes you more time to, well, read the time for no real reason other than upping your hipster chic rating?

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