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Tizen OS 3.0 Running On The Samsung Galaxy S4 And S3


Tizen OS 3.0 has been spotted running on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3.

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Tizen Not Dead After All? Here’s a Look at a New Prototype Tablet


Recent rumors have suggested that Tizen is already dead, long before arrival. That hasn't stopped a new Tizen tablet prototype from showing up, though.

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Intel Obsidian UI Leaked (Video)


Intel’s Obsidian UI which will run over Tizen 2.0 has been leaked.

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Tizen vs Firefox OS vs Ubuntu: Battle for Fourth Place


Ubuntu, Firefox OS and Tizen are all receiving quite a bit of attention, but how do they stand in terms of support and current tech demonstrations?

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Samsung Confirms it Will Release Tizen-based Smartphones in 2013


It seems that Samsung has now confirmed it is going to be releasing several handsets running on Tizen in 2013. Samsung isn't providing much details on what the phones might look like or when they will arrive, but they do confirm that Tizen is a focus in 2013.

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