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On the Move app for Android sends text messages for you


You know how there are all sorts of laws in place now that prevent you from using your cell phone while driving? To help you keep your eyes on the road (and your car out of the ditch), State Farm has released the new On the Move app for Android phones.

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Stop Walking into People with Type n Walk for iPhone

Have you ever had the experience where you are walking down the street and you absolutely have to get that text message or email message sent out? Of course you have. Have you ever accidentally bumped into someone or tripped off the edge of the sidewalk as a result? Probably. The problem is that your attention is far too focused ...

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Americans in Favor of Ban on Texting While Driving

OMG. Given how much we have come to rely on our cell phones for nearly every aspect of our lives, it’s interesting to see how this new survey turned out. Nationwide Insurance asked Americans whether they would support legislation that would ban drivers from sending text messages while driving and the overwhelming majority said they’d back that bill. This follows ...

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Text Messaging Makes Teens Value Speed over Accuracy

Most of us already know that many teenagers send a lot of text messages. With quick tapping fingers, they can send a huge number of messages to their friends, asking for weekend plans or what to eat for lunch. As it turns out, these fast thumbs are affecting their brains. Monach University conducted some research on heavy mobile users aged ...

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