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Telus starts selling “refreshed” iPhones too

Telus offers "Refreshed" iPhones

For those of you who want to join the iPhone army but have a hard time justifying (or affording) the full retail price, you now have a more affordable option to consider. We've seen the "refreshed" phones sold elsewhere already, but Telus is jumping into the game with some "refreshed" iPhones of their own.As you may recall, Telus Mobility of Canada first launched the iPhone 3G and 3GS last November to coincide with the launch of its new network. I guess in the interim, they've been hit with the usual number of returns and warranty units, so now they're sitting on some refurbs.

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Google Nexus One now official for Telus and Bell

Google Nexus One

Have you been hankering for the coolest Google Android phone on the block but you were assuming that you were not on a compatible network? For my fellow Canadians, Google has some great news.As you may recall, Google announced a regular HSDPA-compatible version of the Nexus One a short while ago. They said that it would play friendly with Rogers Wireless in Canada and AT&T in the United States, opening up some possibilities. As it turns out, the 3G-ness is good with Telus and Bell too.

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Video Review: Motorola Milestone Android phone from Telus Mobility


It may have taken a little time to find its legs, but the Google Android platform is really starting to take off. One of the hottest handsets to feature this operating system is the Motorola Milestone, available now through Telus Mobility.In many ways, you could say that it's the same as the Motorola Droid through Verizon, but you don't get the MOTOBLUR user interface, you would have to wait for the Motorola Backflip in that case. The Milestone is configured to use the Telus 3G+ network so its very fast.

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Telus launched Motorola Milestone yesterday, none in stock just yet


You know, we shouldn't have doubted ourselves. After the Motorola Milestone got delayed for Telus Mobility telling us that it wouldn't be ready for the beginning of 2010, we then discovered the 15th of February as the real date. We were only one day off, but still, Telus' announcement still won't give you a Milestone in your pocket.

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Telus removes DRM from music downloads


Telus today announced they are the first wireless carrier in Canada to offer “over-the-air DRM-free” music downloads. This comes as no surprise, music downloads traditionally from Telus would have been locked to your Telus phone, no other device or computer would be able to play the music until now. But there is a catch.

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Telus Expresses Photographic Interest, Buys Black’s Photo

If there was ever any doubt in your mind that the consumer electronics market is totally pushing toward all sorts of convergence, this latest acquisition will help to remove much of that doubt. We know Telus for its cell phone service, but the “future-friendly” company has just announced that it has purchased Black’s Photo. The only reason why I would ...

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Bell and Telus Merger Coming in Next Two Years?


As you may already know, Bell and Telus are working in cooperation with one another to develop the infrastructure for the new HSDPA network and the upcoming LTE network. Well, this partnership could be growing into a much deeper relationship. With this cell phone, I thee wed? Rumors of a Bell and Telus merger have been on again and off ...

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Telus Mobility to Snatch HTC Snap, Touch Pro2, BlackBerry Tour


Best Buy has a habit of leaking information before the Canadian wireless carriers have an opportunity to make a formal announcement. The popular electronics retailer is continuing with that habit by telling us about three smartphones that are “coming soon” to Telus Mobility. We had already known that Telus would be getting the BlackBerry Tour, since the CDMA-fueled smartphone is ...

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REVIEW – BlackBerry Storm 9530 Smartphone from Telus Mobility


What do you get when you cross the push email goodness of a BlackBerry with the touchscreen appeal of the iPhone? Research in Motion seems to have an answer to that rhetorical question in the form of the BlackBerry Storm. Shown here as the Storm 9530 from Telus Mobility, it’s the first touchscreen-equipped BlackBerry from RIM. Not surprisingly, it comes ...

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