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Telus Will Not Launch Motorola Milestone This Month


The Motorola Droid has been quite the success for Verizon Wireless, offering a very viable alternative to the Apple iPhone. Canadians have been offered Google Android phones, but they haven’t seen anything quite like the Droid just yet. That could be changing, but not quite so soon. We had known for a little while now that Telus Mobility would be ...

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Telus Mobility Releases LG IQ Smartphone

Maybe you like the iPhone 3GS. Maybe you like the HTC Hero. Well, Telus Mobility has another smartphone for you to consider and it has some crazy features that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. There’s a reason why it’s called the LG IQ, because this handset is meant to be pretty darn smart. Does this phone look ...

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BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Arrives at Telus Mobility


Did you like the first BlackBerry Storm from Telus? Maybe you’d be more interested in its successor, the appropriately named BlackBerry Storm2 9550. Telus Mobility has officially launched his upgraded smartphone and it comes with just about everything that you’re expecting. I remember when the Storm2 was little more than a rumor and people were saying that Research in Motion ...

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Leaked: Telus and Bell iPhone Plans Revealed

Soon, Rogers Wireless (and its dog Fido) will no longer be the only Canadian wireless service provider to sell the Apple iPhone. It’s going to get some hefty competition from a couple of heavy hitters and it seems that we’re getting the first look at the iPhone plans to be offered through Telus and Bell. As is par for the ...

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Telus Announces Death of SAF, Rise of Clear Choice Plans

When Telus first decided to introduce the Koodo Mobile brand, one of its biggest selling points was the lack of a system access fee. This was a major boon for the Canadian wireless market and it’s a trend that was followed shortly afterward by Fido and others. Well, it seems that big brother Telus is starting to follow in Koodo’s ...

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Telus Prepares to Launch New LG Chocolate BL40

Amidst all this talk of switching over the HSDPA side of things, we can forget about the core business of Telus and Bell. There is certainly some interest in the smartphone end of the equation, but there is interest in regular old fashion phones as well. That’s where the new LG BL40 “New Chocolate” seems to slot in for the ...

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