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HTC Tweaks Phones to Avoid Apple Patents


About a year ago, a judge ruled that HTC was in violation of an Apple patent due to just how closely their “tap system” works in comparison to Apple's. With this system, you click on a number, text message, or whatever and it gives you a choice of what to do. After the ruling, HTC vowed to make a tweak that would get around this infringement in future Android devices.

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iPhone TapStar Game Integrates with iTunes Music Store


If you’re the proud owner of an iPod touch or Apple iPhone, then there is a good chance that you may have played Tap Tap Revenge. That rhythm game gave your a DDR or Guitar Hero-like experience on the touchscreen. Well, TapStar from EpicTilt is tackling the same arena and it’s got something that Tap Tap Revenge lacks. The biggest ...

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