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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Crushed By A Tank (Video)


iPhone 6 Plus crushed by driving a tank over it.

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Into The Warzone With Case-Mate Tank Case For iPhone 4/4S


Who said that the iPhone couldn't be tough and rugged too? There are some rugged cases out there for the iPhone, but very few offer stellar screen protection. The Case-Mate Tank case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S changes that, letting you go all rough and rumble in the field.

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The Tornado Hunters’ 6,300 kilo armored tank


Do you remember that scene in Twister where the man and lady tie themselves to a gas pipe with a leather belt and see the guts of a passing tornado? Me too. But apparently that was a tad unrealistic. In reality, you would need an American-built pickup truck, loaded down with 3,600 kilos (7,937 lbs) of steel armour — and one hell of a ballsy videographer.

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Toughen up any portable hard drive with the LaCie Tank


The folks at LaCie have been selling their own brand of rugged hard drives for quite some time. They can withstand all kinds of abuse while keeping your precious documents nice and safe. What if you want the same kind of ruggedness in a different drive? That's where the LaCie Tank comes in.

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