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HTC One E8 EYE Might Get Launched In India Soon



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Giant Rabbit By Florentijn Hofman Unveiled In Taiwan (Video)


Giant Rabbit By Florentijn Hofman

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World’s Fastest Elevator From Hitachi


In 2016, Hitachi will get the title of the maker of the world's fastest elevator.

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On The Heels Of FLA Inspection Beginning, Foxconn Raises Employee Pay


It seems all to convenient that this pay increase comes right on the heels of a new inspection by FLA, paid by Apple, to look over the company's work practices and ethics at Foxconn.

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i2R e-Paper Technology Promises A Greener Future [Video]


It’s never too late to go green and it’s always a good sign when technology experts take an eco-friendly approach to things. The i2R e-Paper from Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) appears to be paving the way for a greener environment.

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Rewritable Reusable ePaper In The Making


ITRI, Taiwan’s largest and one of the world’s leading high-tech research and development institutions have introduced the I2R e-Paper. The first electronic paper ever proven to be re-writable, re-usable and environmentally friendly. This is the real deal - the “electronic paper” is the latest entry to the attempt to end our overwhelming use of traditional paper.

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Cellphone use can lead to Myopia


Do you spend hours of browsing through your phone or tablet, or maybe a long period of time playing games on your devices? Well, this recent news can affect your lifestyle especially when it comes to mingling with your beloved gadgets.

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i2R e-paper is re-writable with heat, works without electricity


Even though many people have started to use tablets, the e-paper technology found within several e-readers is still quite remarkable. A group of scientists from Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute have developed a new form of rewritable electronic paper that does not require any electricity at all.

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Apple looking to switch LCD supplier for iPad 2


Ever since the Apple iPad 2 broke cover last month, there have been reports of backlight bleeding and confirmed in our tests. So, you'd think that Apple would try to do something about it and now it seems that they are shopping for new suppliers.

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Increased Q1 shipment goals point toward imminent CDMA iPhone launch


Ah yes, the CDMA iPhone. The long-since rumored device that was supposed to show up at Verizon, thus taking away the iPhone exclusivity of AT&T. When will that day ever arrive? Well, we've found some more "evidence" that the CDMA iPhone could be making its freshman foray into the world in the next quarter.

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A Guide to Shopping for Electronics in Taipei


Since Taiwan is home to so many computer and electronics companies, you would assume that it could be a shopping Mecca for all the gadget geeks of the world. While I wouldn't quite put it on par with the legendary Akihabara region in Tokyo, Taipei is no slouch when it comes to buying some cutting edge technology.

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Altek T8680 = More Camera Than Cell Phone

Altek T8680 = More Camera Than Cell Phone

More and more people want their cell phones to produce decent quality photos, because they simply cannot be bothered to carry around a separate digital camera. It’s all about convergence without having to sacrifice quality. Altek of Taiwan might have just the ticket for shutterbugs, since this impressive beast can easily be mistaken for a standalone point-and-shoot. From the front, ...

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