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T-Rex Super Trike Gets Reworked by Morelli Designers


You might remember the T-Rex three-wheeled motorcycle from some time back, watching it terrorize the test track with the greatest of ease. The rear wheel provided excellent propulsion for the lightweight vehicle, whereas the two front wheels kept it stable in the twisties. Too bad the design was getting a ...

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Video: The making of the T-Rex super trike


Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like these three-wheeled vehicles are all the rage with designers these days. They all boast two wheels in the front for manueverability, but a single fat tire in the back, presumably for thrust (like on a bike). The T-Rex is being touted as ...

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The T-Rex trike to invade London


This is the kind of thing that makes me proud to be a Canadian. A Canadian manufacturer will be showing off their T-Rex motorized trike to buyers in London starting this week. If the response is positive the machine could be street legal and on sale in the UK by ...

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