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Google’s Nexus One taking smartphones to another level


Google’s smart phone has arrived with a mixed bag of buzz and feedback. Now whether that’s a bad omen or a good one for the Search Engine giant remains to be seen. This phone, with its snapdragon processor was designed to go head to head with the iPhone, Symbian and Pres in the market. Google like any proud mother won’t stop praising its phones merits and believes it’s more than a legitimate alternative to other smart phones. As Google’s Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette puts it, the Nexus one is a “Benchmark Setter.”

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Google Nexus One phone headed to Verizon March 23rd?


It may not be long before we see Google's Android phone, dubbed the Nexus One, available on the Verizon Wireless network. If Google adds Verizon to the mix, you and I may get a competitive price – since T-Mobile will have to share their slice of the pie. The rumor is that on March 23 the Nexus One will be availble to Verizon customers, making them the second U.S. wireless carrier to offer Google's device. March 23 is coincidentally the first day of CTIA tradeshow in Las Vegas, coincidence, or not?

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Cancel Nexus One Service, Pay Fees to T-Mobile and Google


As it turns out, it really may be in your best interest to pay the full unlocked and unsubsidized price for the Nexus One "Google Phone." As you may recall, the Nexus One clocks in at $529 for full retail, but you can have that subsidized down to just $179 should you sign up for a qualifying contract with T-Mobile USA. For most Americans, the subsidized route sounds more appealing, but it could come with a rather expensive penalty should you choose to cancel your T-Mobile service within the first 120 days.

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Original HTC Touch Lives Again as T-Mobile Tap?

Around the same time that the first Apple iPhone hit the scene, we were also treated to the HTC Touch. Powered by Windows Mobile, it looked like a viable alternative to the handset coming out of Cupertino, but it ultimately ended up playing second or even third fiddle. Well, it ...

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T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Just Got Cheaper

Considering that some new Google Android options have already hit the market and there are a few more that will soon be on the way, I guess it makes sense for T-Mobile to make the first Android phone a little more enticing for potential customers. T-Mo can’t do it with ...

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Get Ready for 21Mbps on T-Mobile 3G Next Year


Mobile broadband is a wonderful and glorious invention, giving us the ability to surf the Internet while on the go. This is great not only for smartphones, but also for 3G-connected laptops and netbooks too. The trouble is that the speed offered by today’s 3G networks still isn’t as fast ...

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Samsung Comeback Messaging Phone Launches Tomorrow


Some people want access to a full QWERTY keyboard for messaging purposes, but they don’t want to deal with the increased complexities of a true smartphone. T-Mobile seems to recognize this phenomenon, seeing how we’ve seen the Sidekick devices for years. Well, they’re expanding this concept with the pending launch ...

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