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Skype makes way to Symbian via the Ovi Store

Skype now available for Nokia smartphones in Ovi Store. Free Skype-to-Skype and low cost international calls available over 3G and WiFi for over 200 million Nokia smartphone users around the world (Photo: Business Wire).

There are a lot of apps available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry, but let's not forget about the Nokia owners in the audience too. If you want to stay connected with your Symbian device, you'll be happy to hear that Skype for Symbian has been officially released. This Skype client for Nokia smartphones is, as you can imagine, based on the Symbian platform. The handy thing about this version of Skype is that you can use it with your choice of a WiFi connection or over a mobile data connection.

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Symbian Smartphones Offered Skype Beta App

Originally, people thought that you could only use Skype while at home. You may be using the VoIP standard with your computer or maybe you purchased a dedicated phone for that purpose. These days, however, people are much more interested in using their cell phones with Skype. We’ve seen people ...

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Nokia E72 Smartphone Finally Hits USA Retail

First, it started with all sorts of rumors. Then, we learned that what we thought was the Nokia E72 was really the Nokia E63. After that, we caught a glimpse at the “real” Nokia E72. And then, it got delayed. It’s been quite the adventure, but the journey is finally ...

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Google Sync Extends to Gmail Push, Including iPhone

I’ve been using my Nokia E71 smartphone for several months now and I’m quite pleased with what this little phone can do. I’m also very happy to have found Google Sync, which allows me to synchronize the calendar and contacts on my phone with their equivalents through the Google suite ...

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Great Nokia E71 Apps I Have (and Want to Try)

Gravity for Twitter, Skyfire Mobile Browser

I’ve been living with the Nokia E71 smartphone for a little more than two months and I’d say that I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the ins and outs of this particular handset. Shortly after I bought this S60 smartphone, Nokia launched its Ovi Store to compete against the iPhone’s App ...

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Nokia Gets Ready to Kill S60, Prep New Symbian UI


From a hardware standpoint, I’m totally digging my Nokia E71. It’s a great little smartphone, but the software side of things needs some serious jazzing up. The HTC Sense UI looks great. The iPhone UI looks great. Well, it seems that Nokia is finally looking to update its Symbian core. ...

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