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Wenger HypeX Pendants Like Swiss Army Jewelry?


That said, it may not always be convenient to dangle a bulky utility knife around your neck and that's why Wenger has announced the more streamlined HypeX line of utility pendants. They're like Swiss Army knives, except lighter and sleeker.

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Gerber Steady multitool has a built-in tripod for cameras


Gerber has a bunch of different multitools that are similar in scope to a Swiss Army knife, meaning a bunch of tools are shoved into a smallish device. With the Gerber Steady, one of its functions includes a mini tripod for digital cameras. Two legs fold out in the front, the base of the tool acts as the third leg in the minipod, and there's a tripod screw mount on the top.

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Victorinox starts shipping Slim, Slim Duo Swiss Army USB Drives

Swiss Army Slim

The Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo USB drives clearly mimic the look of a real Swiss Army knife (Victorinox is the company behind that line, after all). As their names imply, the Slim boasts a single USB drive, while the Slim Duo hides two USB sticks under its colorful shell.

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Modular Quirky Switch Pocketknife Video Is The Custom Swiss Army Knife


Have you ever picked up one of those Swiss Army Knife deals, only to learn that it's missing a tool that you really want to use. Doesn't it always end up having an extra tool or two that you're never going to need? The Quirky Switch Pocketknife willto fix that.

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