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Hyundai Promises 1000 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars By 2015


Hyundai has announced plans to start mass production of cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

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iRock is the Rocking Chair that charges your iPad


The idea here is actually brilliant in its simplicity. As you rock back and forth in the rocking chair, it generates power that is then sent to the iPad docked in the right side arm.

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Care to sleep in the Cockpit Suite of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet?


Maybe the Holiday Inn isn't for you. Maybe you're inclined to say nada to Ramada. You want a unique layover experience and that may include staying at a hotel you may not have imagined existed. The next time you happen to be out in Stockholm, you can sleep inside of a jumbo jet. That's because they have converted a grounded Boeing 747 into the world's first "Jumbo Hostel."

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