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Many X-Factors In Tesla’s New Electric Car ‘Model X’


Tesla recently unveiled its Model X, an all-electric cross between a SUV and a minivan, that could indeed make some hard-core petrol motorists rethink their loyalties.

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Land Rover to release diesel hybrid and front-wheel-drive LRX variants

Land Rover LRX Diesel Hybrid coming in 2011

Land Rover has geared up to release their new LRX compact crossover, but doing more than taking the standard four-wheel-drive route; by giving their best effort at being a little more environmentally-friendly. The Land Rover LRX will launch in hybrid and front-wheel drive variants too for better fuel efficiency in urban scenarios.Unlike most other vehicles in the Land Rover lineup, the LRX is not meant to boast off-road superiority. You could almost say that it's more of an urban crossover, so to speak, with fuel savings to match.

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