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Spymaster Orcasub: The $2 Million Underwater Plane


Spymaster has been unveiled a $2 million private submarine, named Orcasub, at the Harrods Technology 2.0 showcase.

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Aquabotix Hydroview Wired Sub Swims 5 Knots, Has 1080p Camera


If you ever dreamed of traveling the sea like Captain Nemo or Jacques Yves Cousteau, the Aquabotix Hydroview Submarine may help you get there.

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U-Boat Worx Launches Mini-Submersible Private Charter Fleet


If you love deep diving, then you will be glad to know that U-Boat Worx has finally launched its private charter program worldwide for their deep diving mini-submersibles. Before you get too excited, let me tell you a thing or two about this U-Boat endeavor.

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Raonhaje EGO Semi-Submarine Drivable by “Anyone”


2011 seems to be not only the year of the tablet, but the year of the new novelty beach-side resort vehicles, too. First we saw the introduction of the water-powered jetpack that gives ocean-goers a bit of a look down to the surface of the ocean. Now, Korea's Raonhaje is following up with the EGO electric semi-submarine for resorts for a view of what lies below.

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Submarine-bike is an underwater adventure in itself


I'm all for going green, but what options do you have if you want to go diving into the ocean? It's not like there's a bike lane down there, right? Well, there might be soon if Stephane Rousson has anything to do with it. What we have here is the Scubster.

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