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Yellow Jacket Case Brings A Stun-Gun Attachment To The iPhone


Think your iPhone provides great security features? Sure, the protection from viruses and other threats is there, but what about personal protection from physical harm? The Yellow Jacket iPhone case takes your iPhone security to a new level by giving you a handy stun gun attachment.

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The 30,000 Volt Electrifying Shock Briefcase


For these situations you have to rely on a locking case. The problem here though is that it isn't exactly difficult for a thief to steal your case and grab your valuables, at least not unless you have the Kimpok Super Safety Suitcase.

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Ultimate Tazer Ball Is One Dangerously Funny Sport (Video)


In Football, if you mistake your opponent’s head for the ball, you are out of the game. In Baseball, if you test the strength of your bat on the head of your opponent, you might not play ever again. In Ultimate Tazer Ball, if you pass an electric current through your opponent’s body with a stun gun, you may just end up being player of the game. The sport actually lets you cause serious injuries to the members of the opposing team, sounds perfect.

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