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Rehabilitating Stroke Victims With Video Games


There are many therapies used for rehabilitating stroke patients such as constraint-induced movement therapy, mental practice and more. Now it looks like we are about to see another, quite different approach. Doctor Debbie Rand from Tel Aviv University has been looking into interactive video games as a new therapy for helping stroke victims with their recovery.

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AMES Device For Rehabilitating Paralyzed Patients


The AMES device can help paralyzed patients to regain muscle movements.

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SynPhNe Stroke Rehabilitation System


A new system called SynPhNe, developed at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, could become a great help for patients recovering from strokes.

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Cardiac Arrest Cooling Vest Could Reduce Brain Damage


When the brain is deprived of oxygen--as is the case with a heart attack or a stroke--there is a distinct possibility of permanent brain damage. A prototype cooling vest and zeolite chamber aims to prevent as much brain damage as possible.

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