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Confirmed: Samsung Buys Boxee for $30 Million


In a corporate world where everyone is busy buying everyone else, this news doesn't exactly come out of left field. Samsung has officially confirmed that it will be acquiring popular set top box-company Boxee.

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Unlimited Cloud Recording with Boxee TV DVR


Running out of storage space won't be an issue with the new Boxee TV. It's been proclaimed as the first DVR to offer virtually unlimited storage. They do this by uploading your videos to the cloud, rather than storing those recordings on a local drive.

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Monsoon Vulkano STB records and streams just about everything


Want to set up a box in your home that can be used not only to record all of your favorite programming, but also to stream said content to all sorts of other devices? The Monsoon Vulkano is a placeshifting media streamer that follows the company's HAVA line and claims to do all that and more.

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