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Google Buys DNNresearch to Extend Neural Network Knowledge


It's a scientific research company that was founded last year by professor Geoffrey Hinton from the University of Toronto, along with graduate students Alex Krizhevsky and Ilya Sutskever. Their research is focused on the understanding of "deep neural networks"

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Top Mobile Technology Innovations of 2012


The year 2012 is almost over, and with that in mind we take a look back at just some of the most innovative mobile technologies making their way into the mainstream this year.

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Microsoft Research working on Star Trek-like Universal Translator Technology


Microsoft Research is now working on taking speech-recognition to new heights, forget current technologies like SIRI. This is a language translating technology that takes real speech and translates it on the fly. Even cooler, it can actually “speak” what you are saying into a different language as well.

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Android’s Siri “Clone” Removed From Android Market


One of the latest apps to join this “fake app” bandwagon comes from a developer called “Official App” which is no doubt designed to fool inexperienced Android users. This so-called “developer” has recently put up an app called "Siri on the Android Market, fooling people into thinking it’s the real thing.

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Speech-Based Text Messages with Dragon for iPhone

Yes, we all know that the Apple iPhone has a fantastic capacitive touchscreen display. The virtual keyboard takes a little getting used to, but once you do, it’s just as fast (if not faster) than its hardware-based equivalent. Even so, it can still be hard typing as fast as you can talk. Dragon wants to fix that. I’m not completely ...

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