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Daily Deals: Save 30% on Bluewave Bluetooth Audio Receiver


You may have picked up this totally awesome speaker dock for your old iPhone, but now you don't have anything that uses the old 30-pin connector anymore. Does this mean that your speaker dock is now useless?

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Nexus 7 Dock Set For January 10th Release in the US


The Nexus 7 may still be a hot tablet, but at close to 7 months old, it is definitely not one of the newest on the market. Despite being out for a while now, we have still yet to see an official dock for the Nexus 7.

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iVictrola music dock costs twice as much as your iPad


There's a price to be paid when you want to do the antique thing, even if it's not really an antique at all. What you see here is the iVictrola, a modern day interpretation of the original Victrola record players. The key difference, of course, is that it doesn't play vinyl; instead, it plays music from your iPad.

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Waldok iPod Speaker Dock Isn’t Completely Off the Wall


Think about most of the iPod speaker docks on the market. They either require you to use a power cable or they run on batteries. They also happen to take up valuable desk or shelf space that could be used for something else. And then, take a look at the Waldok.

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Turn your iPad into the world’s cheapest iMac (sort of)


Maybe you're on a budget and can't afford one of those shiny new MacBook Airs. That's okay. You already have an iPad and you can effectively transform it into an Apple iMac on the cheap. Well, sort of. At least it looks kind of like an iMac. Okay, no it really doesn't but we can all pretend.

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Speakal iCrystal’s UFO orb docking station for the iPhone 4


What floats, shaped like an orb and has a glowing blue light? Not a UFO ship, it's the Speakal iCrystal docking station. It's designed to cradle all iPhones, even the new iPhone 4 and iPods through the Apple connector, or a 3.5mm headphone jack for unsupported gadgets.

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REVIEW – Speakal iPom 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

REVIEW - Speakal iPom 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

Those crazy kooks at Speakal are back to their old tricks. Not content with right angles and square boxes, the company has always taken a more unique approach to the world of iPod speaker docks. They don’t want a conservative box like the Griffin Amplifi. They want to solicit a cuter response from its customers. Following in this philosophy is ...

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Use a Decapitated Panda Head as an iPod Speaker

I understand that different people have different preferences when it comes to home decor. Some people want to keep things simple, whereas others are willing to experiment with more eccentric form factors and color palettes. What about all the hunters of endangered species? Where are the products for them? You won’t have to make a visit over to your local ...

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iPod Speaker System of the Future from JVC Victor

Even though the iPod ais meant to be mobile devices to be enjoyed on a portable basis, we still want to access those tunes when we are in the comfort of our homes. That’s why the iPod speaker system market is as popular as ever and JVC Victor Japan wants to give us something straight ouf the Jetsons. Well, that’s ...

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REVIEW – Speakal iPig iPod Speaker Dock

REVIEW - Speakal iPig iPod Speaker Dock

Don’t let its cute appearance fool you into thinking that it’s just some cheap toy for people who don’t care about how anything sounds. The iPig iPod speaker system from Speakal comes with a strong pedigree and it is perfectly capable of handling the entirety of your music collection. Features and Highlights Do you remember the iBoo iPod speaker dock ...

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Sony iPod Speaker Dock Comes with Free Touchscreen iPod (Remote)

Part of the trouble with certain iPod speaker docks is that the provided remote control nowhere near duplicates the functionality that you get on your iPod’s click wheel. While they would probably prefer if you bought a Walkman, Sony has an iPod speaker system that comes with a nice bonus. It’s not quite the same as having a second iPod, ...

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