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You Can Place Bids For Space Rocks Now


Do you want to buy a meteorite?

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How To Clip Your Nails In Space (Video)


Nail clipping in space.

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Our Astronauts Are Not Getting Proper Sleep


Getting proper sleep is tough in space for the astronauts.

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Robot Fixing Itself On The ISS (Video)


The Canadian robotic arm of the ISS, Canadarm2, repairing itself with help from a robot called Dextre.

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Brewing Beer In Space


Is it a good idea to brew beer in space? It could be. 6th-grader Michal Bodzianowski’s experiment could lead to space breweries in the future.

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Commercial Space Travel Coming Next Year (Video)


According to Sir Richard Branson, commercial space travel is going to be a reality in 2014.

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How Much Longer Can Earth Last? Quite a While, Actually


Ever wonder how long this blue ball of mass that we call Earth will actually last? A new study by Researcher Andrew Rushby calculates that Earth should still be more than capable of hosting life for at least 1.75 billion more years.

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DARPA’s XS-1 Program Could Make Launching Satellites Much More Affordable


DARPA's XS-1 program aims to develop a reusable unmanned spacecraft which will allow satellites to be launched frequently at low costs.

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Space Launches Happening In The Coming Week (Video)


SpaceX and Orbital Sciences will be launching spacecrafts next week.

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Is Our Universe Really, Really Big or Truly Infinite?


Space is a massive place, in fact it is potentially infinite. But is it really truly infinite, or just extremely big? A new video takes a closer look at our universe, and asks the question whether it is infinite or not.

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Astronaut Almost Drowns in Space, Lives to Blog About It


This is Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano. He's smiling here, but he certainly wasn't smiling last month when he almost drowned outside the International Space Station.

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How Astronauts Will 3D Print In Space (Video)


Astronauts aboard the ISS will soon be able to use a 3D printer to print equipments and parts.

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How To Exercise In Space (Video)


As we have seen before, it is quite a difficult task for astronauts to keep themselves clean aboard the International Space Station, but they also have to make sure that they get enough exercise out there. So how do the folks at the ISS keep themselves fit? Let’s take a look.

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How To Wash Your Hair In Space


Ever wondered how hygiene works in space? Check out how Karen Nyberg washes her hair on the International Space Station.

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Launch Your Own Spacecraft Through the Power of Crowdfunding


The Pocket Spacecraft project aims to send a flying ship out into space, and then give its "owners" the ability to track it and the data the craft collects.

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