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Sony FMP-X1 4K Media Player Coming This Summer


Sony has announced that their 4K FMP-X1 media player will be available sometime this summer, but the owners of the device will have to wait until fall for the company’s 4K video distribution service.

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Ipan Ipan Case Adds Wireless Charging to the Xperia Z


Interested in the Xperia Z but wish it had wireless charging? A new case accessory from Ipan Ipan brings the power of wireless charging over to the handset.

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PS4 Blu-Ray Will Be 3x Faster Than PS3 And PSN Friend Limit Raised


Sony has confirmed the Blu-Ray player in the Sony PS4 will be 3x faster than was found in the PS3. Sony will also be removing the PSN friend limit.

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Sony Xperia Z versus Samsung Galaxy S4


The Sony Xperia Z is one of the best Sony handsets we've seen in a long time, but how does it compare to Samsung's newest flagship, the Galaxy S4?

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Sony Xperia Z Bug Makes it Easy to Get Past the Lock Screen

The Sony Xperia Z may have recovered from it's random death bug, but now a security bug has surfaced that makes it easy to get past the lockscreen.

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Sony Xperia ZL Gets Priced In the US, and It Isn’t Cheap


The Sony Xperia ZL has been listed for pre-order in the United States for a while now, and now it finally has a price tag to go with it.

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Sony Announces Fix for Bug that Shutdowns the Xperia Z

A number of unlucky Sony Xperia Z phone owners have been struck with a problematic bug which apparently kills the new phone for no apparent reason. While some owners report that resetting their phone fixes the issue, others haven’t been so fortunate. The issue has become such a problem that Sony have posted a statement saying that a fix is ...

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Details on New Sony C670X Leaked


Full details have been leaked on the upcoming and rather impressive Sony C670X, and this phone sports a lot to brag about under the hood. 

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All Sony PS4 Games Will be Offered in Disc and Digital Download Format


Sony has now confirmed that all of its games will be available for both digital download or purchase in-store through a physical disc.

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Sony Firefox OS Handset Coming In 2014


Sony has announced that it has partnered with Telefonica for developing a device that will run Mozilla's Firefox operating system.

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Sony Spills The Beans On How The PS4 Eye Works


Sony has been toying around with motion recognition ever since the EyeToy in 2003, and then the PS Eye in 2007. Now they haven revealed the PS4 Eye.

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Playstation 4 Officially Announced

Playstation 4

The wait for an announcement is over, now we just have to wait for the Playstation 4 to actually hit stores later this year.

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Sony Xperia Z Already Rooted

sony xperia z root

The Sony Xperia Z might not have made it in to every customers hands just yet, but that hasn't prevented the phone being rooted!

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Official Release Date of Sony Xperia Z


Sony has given an official release date of the device in Germany. The phone is expected to hit on February 21st.

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Playstation 4 to Be Unveiled On February 20th?

Playstation 4

The Internet is abuzz right now with talk about the next-generation Sony Playstation 4, which may be unveiled at a Playstation Event on February 20th.

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