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Artificial Leaf Could Power Home on 1 Gallon of Water a Day


Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created the first feasible artificial leaf. While the leaf doesn’t look anything like its plant inspiration, it works in a similar way. The leaf is a solar cell the size of a poker card, and it mimics the process of photosynthesis by using water and sunlight converting it into energy. In this case the energy is electricity.

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Breakthrough solar technology a step towards cheap full-spectrum panels


The solar age is now a day closer thanks to Wladek Walukiewicz and Kin Man Yu at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, who have developed a new full-spectrum solar cell that uses common production methods.

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Concept freezer uses solar power to keep the Coronas cool


You can finally take those juicy steaks and Coronas with you on remote camping trips. A little gem called the Eco Freezer concept will keep your food nice and cold for those remote trips. It's about the size of a small picnic basket and has solar panels on the cover providing power wherever you might be.

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