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The New Myspace Starts Sending More “Exclusive” Invitations


Remember Myspace? The website that Facebook destroyed over the past few years? Apparently Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team did not do enough to shut down their old competition.

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Car-to-X (C2X) is the “Social Network” for cars


Daimler has been working on a system called Car-to-X, or C2X for short, that effectively lets vehicles exchange information not only with eachother, but also with infrastructure like traffic lights.

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Microsoft So.cl Is The Facebook For Students… Oh, Wait


What about students? Couldn't they collaborate on projects and share their interests too? Somehow, Microsoft has decided to enter this foray with a new site called So.cl.

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Sony Asks Aaron Sorkin To Write Steve Jobs Movie


No matter what Sony puts together, its likely that a movie about Steve Jobs will do very well but Sony isn't just aiming to do well, they want the best. The studio recently asked Aaron Sorkin to take charge as the script writer for the new film.

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Google+ slowly turning into Facebook already with Games Stream


Soon, you'll be playing games on Google's social network just like on Facebook. They haven't quite declared how this is going to work and whether you'll be able to filter out the gaming noise from your social signal, but you can bet that it's coming. Wording on the Google Plus Help pages, which has been removed, referenced games and potentially a separate stream for finding games.

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