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SmartyPans Is A Smart Cooking Pan (Video)


The SmartyPans cooking pan will allow you to finally cook like your mom.

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Smart ForFour Cabrio Electric Drive Car Confirmed, Set For 2016 Release


Smart ForFour Cabrio Electric Drive Car

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Smart Forstars Concept Car Combines Car with Movie Projector


Ah, the good old days of movie drive-ins. Unfortunately, drive-in theathers are a very rare find in today's world. What if you could make your own drive-in wherever you went? That's what the new Smart Forstars concept car plans to do.

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Samsung’s New NX Series Mirrorless Cameras With Built-In Wi-Fi


Samsung is known for incorporating new technology into their cameras and they have just introduced three new cameras into the company’s NX Series of compact, mirrorless, interchangeable lens cameras – the NX1000, NX20 and NX210. Unlike other large sensor cameras which might require you to use an Eye-Fi memory card for getting online, the new NX models are coming with built-in Wi-Fi.

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It Would Actually Be Smart For Mercedes To Build Forspeed Electric Roadster Concept


Just ahead of the Geneva Auto Show at the beginning of March, Mercedes has unveiled their never-to-be-produced all-electric smart forspeed concept roadster.

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LG robotic HOM-BOT vacuum Roomba clone is smarter than it looks


When the original Roomba from iRobot first hit the scene it was revolutionary: a vacuum that roamed (and cleaned) your room on its own. iRobot has quite the track record making military robots, so why not infiltrate the home front? LG also has quite the experience with military production, so it comes as no surprise that LG's new HOM-BOT does what an iRobot does, but smarter.

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Plantronics Voyager Pro UC: the “smart” Bluetooth headset


Bluetooth headsets are pretty useful, especially if you're in one of those places where handheld cell phones are illegal while driving. That said, it can be pretty annoying when your call gets routed to the headset when said headset is on your desk rather than on your ear. The new Plantronics Voyager Pro UC fixes that.

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