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Car-to-X (C2X) is the “Social Network” for cars


Daimler has been working on a system called Car-to-X, or C2X for short, that effectively lets vehicles exchange information not only with eachother, but also with infrastructure like traffic lights.

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Green Lite Motors working on a 100MPG hybrid commuter trike with Autodesk


Until we figure out how to effectively and safely use hydrogen to power all our vehicles, hybrids are going to be the popular option for those who want to be a little more environmentally friendly with their daily commutes. Green Lite Motors agrees and the clean tech company is using Autodesk Product Design Suite to envision what a proper commuter vehicle should be. It's not every day we here about what software the EV guys are using to come up with their creations, so its nice to see Autodesk teaming up with smaller guys out there to show what can be done.

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Tata Pixel Uses Smartphones and Tablets as Dashboard Displays


You don't normally think of India as much of a powerhouse in the automotive world, but Tata Motors is slowly starting to change that. The ridiculously cheap Tata Nano has somehow paved the way to the much higher-tech Tata Pixel concept shown here.

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Ford’s Intelligent Cars use Wi-Fi to communicate


Daimler AG’s Smart Car has been driving around bearing the name as a self-proclaimed genius of automobiles for some time now. Ford on the other hand, has come up with a concept that will attempt to usurp this title and truly certify itself as a genuine “smart” car.

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