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An SLR Made with a 3D Printer? Yes, It is Possible


An SLR made with a 3D Printer? Might sound crazy, but it's actually quite possible, thanks to the design of French design student Leo Marius.

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Sigma SD1 Wood Edition SLR looks like dashboard from your dad’s Oldsmobile


Well, that's different. Most of the DSLRs that you find on the market today are the typical matte black. You might find the occasional white or silver model, but black is the typical thing to do. Standing out from the crowd is the aptly named Sigma SD1 Wood Edition. Typical this most certainly is not.

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Nikon DSLR patent shoves pico projector in the back


The world of DSLRs is largely dominated by the two juggernauts in the field: Nikon and Canon. Yes, there are definitely other alternatives, but these are the two biggest dogs in the yard. So, what can Nikon do to separate itself from Canon? How about a pico projector?

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