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CoolWare Wearable Air Conditioner Wraps Around Your Neck


Summer is right around the corner, so you know what that means: you're about to start sweating like a pig (even though pigs don't actually sweat). Helping you overcome that sticky situation is something called the CoolWare Personal Cooling System.

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Sharper Image announces Literati e-reader, uses Kobo store


Are you ready to get your hands on yet another e-book reader? How about one that comes with a color screen? Well, Sharper Image is coming forward with the Literati e-reader and it has several features that you won't find on the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook.

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Shower Mirror Plays Tunes, Stays Fog-Free

The Sharper Image doesn’t have its own set of retail stores anymore, but the brand is continuing to survive by offering its premium electronics and other digital lifestyle products through department stores and other fine retailers. One of the newer products sounds like it could be perfect for people who like to sing in the shower. Oh yes, it will ...

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