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Sega’s Crazy Taxi Lands on Android


Back in October 12th of last year, Crazy Taxi landed on iOS. Now that many months have passed, Android fans finally are seeing some Sega lovin’ as well!

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This Just in From the Land of Crazy, Rumors Claim Sega is Working on New Console


A new wild rumor suggests that Sega might be getting back into the video game hardware business with the Sega Spectrum. Yes, we know the rumor is crazy...

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Original Sonic the Hedgehog On Its Way to iOS and Android Later This Month


A port of the original Sonic the Hedgehog is on its way to iOS and Android later this month for $2.99, redesigned with optimization for mobile devices.

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Sega Slashes Prices on Mobile Games in Time for the Holidays


Holiday apps sales are abound with Christmas just days away. Yesterday we covered the sales for Square Enix games, now it is Sega's turn.

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Sega Promises Sonic 4: Episode II For Tegra 3 Android Devices


Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 has been pretty big for Sega, but they skipped out on the Android love for that title. That's changing for the next chapter, as Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II is being launched on Android some time this year.

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OutRun AR brings arcade racing experience to real world


The cabinet is outfitted with a series of cameras and then the computer algorithm interprets the road that it sees in front of it, rendering that with the same 8-bit gaming graphics as the classic racing game. If there's a right turn coming up on the golf cart path, you'll see a right turn in the game in real time. You also still get the pretty blonde in your virtual passenger seat.

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Sega Toylet game lets you piss away $2000


Seriously. Ever since Sega lost the console wars to Nintendo, I'm not really sure the company has ever found its way again. Sonic lost its luster a long long time ago, and now their business is going down the Toylet, literally.

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Third-generation Dreamcast Portable by Techknott


Techknott has been at his hacking and modding ways for some time, so this third iteration really is the fruit of his labors. As you can imagine, it takes the Sega Dreamcast and makes it portable. It even has a VMU unit for extra authenticity.

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Sega Columns for iPhone is Free for ID4


Some people like to celebrate the Fourth of July with a backyard barbecue. Some people like to celebrate Independence Day with a boatload of fireworks. But not the people at Sega. Nope, they like to give stuff out for free. If you have an iPhone (or iPod touch), they’ve got a puzzling gift for you. Starting at midnight tonight and ...

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