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Brute Force Attack On WiFi Protected Setup Only Takes 4 Hours


This is supposed to make it easy for non-techies to get connected, but it is apparently making it easier for hackers to force their way onto your wireless network too.

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Security Flaw: iPad 2 Can Be Unlocked Without Unlock Code


Ruh-roh. You thought that your iPad was reasonably secure because you set a passcode on a lock screen? Think again.

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HTC promises fix to Android backdoor vulnerability


It kinda goes with the territory, so when HTC learned that its Android devices had a security flaw wherein malicious code could read your location and details, it quickly came forward to promise a patch.

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Upcoming Apple update to kill JailBreakMe iOS exploit?


It was a cheer heard 'round the world: the iPad 2 jailbreak had arrived by way of Comex. However, it looks like Apple might be patching up the security hole that allows the new JailBreakMe.com to work in the first place. Yes, already.

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