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Blackberry Storm 2 Screen & LCD Repair Notes


The Blackberry Storm 2 is a smaller touchscreen phone with a variety of functions. One common issue is with the bottom buttons not responding like they should. With this phone in particular, it had a shattered screen but even before the crack it was not responding like it should. There are a variety of reason why this could be.

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How to replace your iPhone 4 screen after final contact


Has that new iPhone 4 screen of yours shattered? Dropped from a mere 3 feet and making an impact with it's destiny. DirectFix.com has created a simple video to show how quick and easy it is to repair your busted screen. Apple has made the iPhone 4 easily serviceable with simple tools and a couple screws. If you didn't opt in for that insurance plan, or didn't get an iPhone 4 case yet, DirectFix's tutorial may be your only answer.

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