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Scosche boomBOTTLE Wireless Speaker Puts Big Sound Between Your Legs


The Scosche boomBOTTLE Wireless Speaker is effectively shaped like a water bottle and it is designed to fit perfectly in the water bottle cage on your bike.

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Battle of the Backup Batteries: Hands-on with Portable Power Chargers


With every generation of smartphone -- soon with quad-core superphones -- comes bigger screens, faster GPUs and speedier network connections. This quite often results in shorter battery life. Not to mention all the googling, random fact checking, and tweets we're punching out, battery life is a huge issue.

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Scosche CellControl Disables Mobile Phones Within Moving Vehicles, Sort of


While talking to your kids about the dangers of talking/texting while driving might help prevent this problem, it won't in all cases. So what do you do then? Leave it to Scosche's cellControl, a unique device that is installed in your vehicle to prevent calls and texts while a vehicle is in motion.

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Scosche RDTX portable radiation detector for iPod and iPhone


Wouldn't it be useful if you could measure radiation without some super expensive industrial equipment? Scosche thinks so and that's why it has announced the RDTX portable radiation detector.

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Scosche flipSYNC II keychain cable wins award at CES


We deal with a lot of messy cables these days. We've got HDMI cables leading from our televisions, audio cables leading from our headphones, and USB cables leading to our various peripherals. While it doesn't solve all of life's problems, the Scosche flipSYNC II looks like it could help. In fact, Scosche took home a CES Innovation 2011 Design and Engineering Award.

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Revivelite II simultaneously charges iPhones and iPods + one more device


Scosche, an accessory maker for mobile devices announced Revivelite II. A small, sleek, portable iPhone charger that is equipped with a USB port to allow a second iPod or iPhone to be charged simultaneously.It has a collapsible iPhone docking station and wall socket prongs for folding up on the go, and includes various foam inserts for different iPod models.

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REVIEW – Scosche solCHAT Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speakerphone

REVIEW - Scosche solCHAT Solar Bluetooth Speakerphone

It is illegal to use a handheld cell phone while driving in California. A similar cell phone ban recently kicked in over in the province of Ontario. While you could certainly partake in a regular Bluetooth headset or even a wired headset, it may be more comfortable in the long run to consider a Bluetooth speakerphone instead. One of the ...

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