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Scoot: iPhone Enhanced Electric Scooter Rentals


Those of you who rely so heavily on the iPhone, so much so that it is is the key to outside world, you'll be amazed to see it's also the key to an electric scooter. But not just any electric scooter, we are talking about the Scoot from San Francisco-based startup Scoot Networks. The company plans to rent out Scoots as a cheap and eco-friendly way to get around, and all you need is your iPhone to start the vehicle.

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Suitcase + Batteries + Scooter = Boxx Scooter


Ever wondered what would happen if a scooter and a suitcase would procreate? Unless you have a very active (and strange) imagination, probably not. Still, that is pretty much exactly what the Boxx Scooter seems to be.

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