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Human Brain Hacked, Banking PIN Codes Extracted with BCIs


In some ways, you could think of the human brain as a complex computer. And like any complex computer, with the right resources, it can be hacked.

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Used Motor Oil Converted to Usable Fuel with High-Frequency Microwaves


Let's say you drive a car. Every few months you have to change the oil. You can do this yourself or you can take it in to a shop. In either case, you have to discard the old oil and that's not good for the environment. Scientists at Cambridge, though, may have a better solution.

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Hong Kong Scientists Inch Closer Toward Real Tractor Beams


Every Star Trek geek has dreamed of this day. We’ve all dreamed of setting our phasers to stun and making use of the Holodeck. Those two innovations aren’t quite here, but it seems like we’re getting closer to tractor beams. Unlike regular lasers that push things away by plastic them with photons, a tractor beam would effectively be a laser ...

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