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Computer memory stored on nano-structured glass discs


University of Southampton have created nano-structured glass discs that mean a whole new generation of computer memory. The millimetre-sized device changes the way light travels through glass, generating 'whirlpools' of light that can be read in much the same way as data in optical fibres, except the "whirlpools" of light data can be even more precise and allow for the optical manipulation of atom-sized objects.

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Mark of the beast is a high-tech circuit board tattoo


We are getting so much closer to becoming borg. Science fiction warns us of our impending assimilation into highly destructive and intelligent robotic overlords, the bible warns of the mark of the beast, and possibly a chip implant. Now researchers have developed a method for applying electronic components directly on our skin, not unlike the process you'd get with a temporary tattoo.

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