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How the 1920s Viewed the Cyborg of the Future


Indeed, this image was unearthed from the November 1924 issue of Science and Technology magazine and it depicts how they foresaw the coming of the "Artificial Man."

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UC Davis Researchers Develop Magical Sweat-Channeling Fabric (Video)


However, these fabrics can clearly still be improved. Now, researchers from University of California, Davis have come up with a new material that magically pull sweat from one side and draw it out the other side.

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Alpha IMS Retinal Prosthesis Restores Sight to the Blind


However, it's not just rats that are getting their vision supplemented by science. Nine blind human patients have been outfitted with the Alpha IMS retinal prosthesis, effectively "curing" their blindness and allowing them to see again.

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Video: Lab Rats Augmented with Infrared Vision Superpowers


For science! Normally, mammals don't have the ability to have infrared vision, as it's just outside of what we consider to be the visible spectrum. However, scientists at Duke University have effectively given infrared vision to their lab rats by way of a neuroprosthesis.

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Video: iPhone Used to Measure Test Rocket Flight Data


Have you ever wanted to have your own homemade rocket that could then record and collect data about its flight onto an on-board Apple iPhone? With this tutorial, now you can.

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MIT Carbon Nanotube Solar Cell Captures Near Infrared Light


Regular photovoltaic cells can only capture a certain spectrum of light, but a new type of solar cell developed by MIT researchers can now capture energy from the near-infrared region of the light spectrum.

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Prototype Glasses Provide Over 180-Degree Vision to the Blind?


But what if you are completely blind? Is there a solution for that? Designer Xu Guang-suo sure thinks so and that's how he came up with the Navigation Glasses for the Blind.

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Cornell Students Develop Sign Language Translating Glove (Video)


Yes, the prototype looks very crude with all the exposed circuitry and wires, but this quite the remarkable little contraption by three engineering students from Cornell University. It's a power glove that can effectively be used as a sign language translator.

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MorpHex, the Walking Rolling Robot


While we have robots like Asimo that attempt to mimic the bipedal nature of humans, robots that take on entirely different forms of locomotion can be so much more interesting. And the cool thing about the MorpHex robot is that it has more than one trick up its sleeve.

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Live Your Geeky Fantasies With Real Working Star Trek Tricorder


Granted, this still isn't quite as advanced as what our science fiction counterparts have, but what Dr. Peter Jansen has created is a real functioning version of the Tricorder made famous on Star Trek. In fact, he's already created two generations of the clamshell device.

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James Cameron Dives Seven Miles Below Sea Level


It's one thing to film a fictionalized tale about the Titanic, but it's another thing altogether to film a documentary about the deepest known part of the ocean. And that's exactly what James Cameron has been able to do.

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Could Neutrinos be the Future of Wireless Communications?


Oh, those little subatomic particles are getting pretty ambitious. First, they tried to travel faster than the speed of light, but now it looks like neutinos could prove to be very useful when it comes to wireless communications, particularly those that can pass through substantial blockages.

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Capture Your Body Heat, Charge Your iPhone with Power Felt


A big part of going green has to do with capturing what would otherwise be wasted. That's why they say coffee grounds can make good fertilizer, or even green lego blocks, and that's where the idea for regenerative braking in hybrid electric cars came into the picture. But what about you as a human being? What wasted energy could be recaptured from you?

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NASA’s Revolutionary Cancer Nanosensing Cell Phone Case


The latest development is a special chip that houses 32 nanosensor bars, reacting to a myriad of stimuli from the environment. It could diagnose cancer and measure blood sugar levels in diabetics with nothing more than a breath.

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Children Absorb Double The Cell Phone Radiation As Adults


In fact, the study is saying that "cell phoens used in the shirt or pants pocket exceed FCC exposure guidelines and that children absorb twice as much microwave radiation from phones as do adults."

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