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Samsung is going to war against Apple, claiming 4G LTE and other patent violations


When Samsung lost its major legal battle to Apple, Mobile Magazine warned that the battle was far from over. There would be appeals, and likely future lawsuits. Since then, Apple has prepped a new lawsuit against Apple and now even Samsung has confirmed they are going to war with Apple over the iPhone 5.

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Has Apple found its ‘Smoking Gun’ in Samsung legal battle?


When it truly came down to who was winning though, it was always hard to clearly say one side or the other. Recently though, Apple has managed to find what some critics believe is the “smoking gun” needed to swing the case in their favor for good- an internal memo that recognizes that Samsung needs to copy the iPhone.

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Samsung’s Attempt To Lift Sales Ban Fails

A Samsung tablet runs a Ustream App at the Verizon booth during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Recently, Samsung and Apple have been dueling it out in movie than ten countries across the globe, accusing each other of various patent violations.

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