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BlackBerry Storm 3 leaked


I've never been a fan of the BlackBerry Storm. Some people say that the touchscreen got better with the Storm 2, but if I'm going to go the 'Berry route, I want to have that great QWERTY keyboard. That isn't stopping RIM from pushing it forward, though, as evidenced by this apparent spy shot.

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Apple to release camera-touting iPad before end of year?


People who aren't fans of the iPad are quick to point out its shortcomings. It doesn't have a memory card reader, they'll say. It doesn't have a physical keyboard, they'll mention. It doesn't have a camera... well, this last bit just may be changing sooner than you think.

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The Smaller Nokia N97 That Could Have Been

Even before it was officially released, the Nokia N97 was widely applauded as being a superphone, boasting features that set it at the top of the smartphone range. However, it did suffer from a bulk problem… that Nokia knew about. At least, that’s what this leaked photograph leads us to believe. On the left side is the regular Nokia N97 ...

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Hole-y Cases Point Toward Camera-Equipped iPod touch, iPod nano


Many of the features that you find on the Apple iPhone are also duplicated on the iPod touch, but there are at least two items that are missing from the latter. You don’t get cellular and you don’t get a camera. Well, the picture-taking side of the equation could be changing. What you see here are a couple of leaked ...

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