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Rogers Wireless Confirms BlackBerry Bold 9700


Coinciding with the sister announcement from Research in Motion, Rogers Wireless has come forward to officially announce that it will be adding the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone to its lineup in “the coming weeks.” The assumption is that this Bold 2, so to speak, will be ready for public consumption some time in November. We’ve known about the existence ...

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DAVE Wireless Sets to Roam with Rogers Wireless

As if the team at Rogers wasn’t already shaking in its boots from the pending HSPA launches from Telus and Bell, they also have to prepare for more competition from some newcomers to the Canadian wireless market. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them before they have a chance to beat you. At least that’s how it sounds. During ...

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Vision-Impaired Customers Get Help from Rogers

It can be challenging figuring out how to use a cell phone when you suffer from vision loss or, even more so, full blindness. The CRTC mandated in July that wireless carriers had to provide at least one handset that could cater to this demographic. Well, Rogers is coming forward with one, but it’s a phone that they already had. ...

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No More System Access Fee for Rogers Wireless, But…

I’ve got some good news for all the Rogers Wireless subscribers in the audience. Just like Koodo Mobile, Solo Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Fido before it, Rogers Wireless has announced that it will finally be getting rid of that horrid System Access Fee that is tacked onto every monthly bill. That’s the good news. You will no longer be seeing ...

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Android Revolution Gets Even Cheaper for HTC Magic, Dream


I guess that whole Google Android revolution thing at Rogers Wireless hasn’t been quite as popular as the Canadian GSM carrier had hoped. Now that they’re left with a bunch of Android phones with nowhere to go, Rogers has slashed the price again on both the HTC Dream and the HTC Magic. Whether you opt for the touchscreen-only HTC Magic ...

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Rogers Wireless to Sell 8GB iPhone 3GS?


Maybe you’re in love with the newer Apple iPhone 3GS and all the added horsepower and features that it offers, but you’re not quite in love with the higher price point. You don’t want to opt for the 8GB iPhone 3G, because it’s just not the same. Rogers apparently feels your pain, because there’s word that the Canadian carrier is ...

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Rogers Announces HP Mini 110 Netbook with Integrated HSDPA


As great as that USB Rocket Stick may be, it’s just much more convenient when your wireless device has integrated connectivity with the cellular network. You could surf the web on your BlackBerry or iPhone, but now Rogers is offering Canada’s first 3.5G embedded netbook. It was announced earlier today that Rogers Wireless would be carrying the HP Mini 110 ...

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Best Android App Contest from Rogers Wireless


In many ways, one of the biggest appeals to the Apple iPhone is the incredibly robust App Store. It seems that Rogers wants to give another platform a bit of a push, so the Canadian provider has launched a new Best App Contest for Google Android. The kicker is that you don’t need to know how to code anything. Instead, ...

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Android Revolution Just Got Cheaper at Rogers Wireless

Maybe that whole “revolution” at Rogers Wireless isn’t going exactly as planned. Google Android was supposed to be a pretty big game-changer, but it may have been overshadowed by the iPhone. As such, Rogers Wireless has just reduced the pricing on both Google Android phones in its lineup. As you may recall, the so-called Android revolution began in Canada exactly ...

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