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Who Bricked The Electric Car? You Did!


According to an article by Michael Degusta over at theunderstatement.com, if a Tesla electric car, such as the Roadster is parked unplugged, it will eventually become what the company calls a "brick". The vehicle can no more be started or even pushed down the road. This is the result of the car’s always-on subsystems which continually feed on the battery.

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Chevy Mi-Ray Hybrid Roadster Concept from Seoul


Okay, the honeymoon period for the Chevy Volt is wearing on thin, so we're left asking General Motors what they have done for us lately. As they prepare to enter the Korean market, GM has come forth with the Chevy Mi-Ray concept at the Seoul Motor Show.

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Video: Mazda MX-5 Races a Greyhound on Home Turf


Even though I find myself on this side of the pond, I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Top Gear. It’s a great show that not only shows off some of the hottest cars in the world, but they do so in a very entertaining manner. For instance, we get to see the new MX-5 but in a completely ...

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