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Samsung Predicts $9.4 Billion In Profit For Q3 2013


Samsung’s earnings guidance for the third quarter of 2013 is showing record breaking numbers.

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HTC’s First Quarterly Loss Since Going Public in 2002


HTC has posted its first loss after going public in 2002. Things certainly don't look great for HTC right now.

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Rogers Rakes in 39% of All Revenues from Mobile Data Fees


Rogers is certainly capitalizing on this trend, since it looks like mobile data now accounts for a full 39% of the company's total revenue. And we're not just talking Rogers Wireless either; we're talking Rogers as a whole.

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Archos Flies Under Radar, Making Money With Tablets


As it turns out, despite all the overwhelming attention that devices like the Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom are getting, Archos is doing just fine. In fact, they're doing better than fine; they're growing. This is despite the fact that the average Joe and Jane don't even know about Archos at all.

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