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Socializing Makes Up 91% of Mobile Internet Access


Apparently, above all else, we use our mobile Internet devices to socialize with other. Who said basking in the glow of a small display was antisocial behavior?

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Who Doused the Amazon Kindle Fire Demand?


Heading into the holiday season last year, everyone said that the Kindle Fire was going to be a huge draw, and it was. Now that we've had some time to recover from our new year's hangovers, it seems that interest in Amazon's cheap Android tablet is really starting to wane. Now, why would that be?

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Mobile video is hot, creates network slowdowns


There is a Sprint commercial with Dan Hesse where he says very few people only use their phones for just phone calls anymore. This assertion has been quantified, in effect, by a new report put out by Bytemobile, Inc.

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