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Afraid of Being “Watched” Online? Raspberry Pi Can Help


Does privacy really exist on the net? It can, with the help of a Raspberry Pi proxy system.

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Raspberry Pi Makes Its Way Into Space, Takes Some Great Pics


The Raspberry Pi and its recently launched 5MP camera were sent up to space as part of Dave Akerman's “Pi in the Sky” project.

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Raspberry Pi Camera Board (Video)


The Pi Foundation has released a camera board for their Raspberry Pi computer.

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Raspbmc Gets a Stable Public Release with Version 1.0


The Raspbmc team has finally brought the software to version 1.0, and the download is available to everybody over at their website.

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Minecraft: Pi Edition Arriving for the Raspberry Pi, Completely Free to Play


Have a Raspberry Pi? Love Minecraft? If so, you are going to be happy to know that Minecraft: Pi Edition is now available for free from pi.minecraft.net.

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Siri Acts as a Home Automation Remote Thanks to Raspberry Pi


Wish Siri could act as a home automation remote? It can thanks to Youtube user "Elvis Impersonator" and his SiriProxy-loaded Raspberry Pi.

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Android mini PC with 2GB of RAM for just $70


The new stick computer has a Rockchip RK3066 dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage built right in. Even more impressive, several online stores sell the stick for as little as $70.

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Laptop Repair Specialist creates Unique Raspberry Pi Mini-Laptop


When it comes to the Raspberry Pi, there are many unique uses for the $35 hobbyist board. That includes turning your Pi into a mini-laptop it seems.

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Raspberry Pi Gets An App Store of its Own


App Stores are where it is at. Google has one, Apple has two, so does Microsoft. Even Firefox has a marketplace. Now the ultra-small Raspberry Pi motherboard kit has one too.

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How To: Installing XBMC using OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi


Considering purchasing a Raspberry Pi? At around $35, it is quite an exceptional value for a device that can be used for a lot of general computing tasks. So what exactly CAN you do with the Raspberry Pi? Honestly, it really depends on how much work you are willing to put into it and how wide your imagination extends.

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Hiapad HI-802 Stick Computer Packs Quad-Core Punch

Hiapad HI-802

The Hiapad HI-802 is equipped with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and has 1GB of RAM.

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Raspberry Pi “Turbo Mode” Allows the Pi to Reach 1GHz Speeds


Raspberry Pi has quickly become a popular tinkering toy. A full PC motherboard kit for under $50? Yah, not surprising it's been successful. Those that have been thinking about the Pi but haven't picked one up, you may have the opportunity to get a significantly upgraded version.

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Check This Out, Firefox OS Running On Raspberry Pi


With the Raspberry Pi, $35 has never bought you so much flexibility. It's a Linux file server, it's an Android entertainment device, it's a Linux media player- it's whatever you want it to be. The newest OS to make its way to the $35 mini-PC motherboard is Mozilla's Firefox OS. For those that don't know, Firefox OS is an HTML5 and “open web”-tech OS that is designed by Mozilla and will be targeted towards entry-level smartphones starting in 2013.

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Android 4.0 On Its Way To Raspberry Pi


Despite its handicaps, there is support for a custom Raspbian Linux distro and Fedora Linux, and it's hard to complain when you are spending such low amounts of cash. If you really wanted to do more with the Pi though, you might finally have your chance; it seems that Android 4.0 is finally making its way to the Raspberry Pi through a custom ROM.

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Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Gets First Raspbian SD Card Image


The update utilizes the floating point hardware on the Raspberry Pi to improve performance, most notably when it comes to the speed of web browsing.

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